How to Delete All Emails in Gmails App

how to delete all emails in gmail app

How to Delete All Emails in Gmails App

The question of how to delete all emails in Gmail app has been bothering many people, especially when they find that the emails they are receiving or sending are not really important for them. In fact, you would probably be surprised to know that there are many instances where your emails would be deleted without a prior warning from you. Read on to find out how to delete all unread emails in Gmail app.

First of all, you would need to ensure that the email you have deleted was sent by you. This way, you would know that the email address is actually yours and hence, it would not look like an error on the part of Google. However, if you have reset the settings of your Gmail account, it will not be possible for you to do so. Hence, you should ensure that you reset the email address settings to what is known as a “hard delete”. With a hard delete, all the unsendable emails would be completely and utterly deleted. Therefore, no email address would remain online for the rest of time.

Secondly, you should also know how to delete all unread emails in Gmail app even if you have set up the email folder in your account such that it would not be possible for it to be accessed directly. There are a number of reasons as to why this may happen. Perhaps, the email you are looking at has expired and therefore, it is not supposed to be viewed any longer. Another reason as to why this would happen is because of the use of a forgotten password. Hence, it is highly recommended that you change the password of your email immediately if you find it is continually being used by somebody.

The third step on how to delete all unread emails in Gmails app is to ensure that you have completely deleted the entire contents from your computer. This is because, there is a possibility that some of those emails may still exist. However, this is highly advised that you do not try to salvage those emails because doing so can result in deleting of not only the whole message but all the other attachments as well.

If you want to know how to delete all unread emails in Gmails app, you should always remember never to click “Yes” to any pop-up offers that would appear. This is because most of the times, they are fake. They are made by malware developers, in order to fool you into opening the downloaded files. These files have the capability of deleting important information stored in your computer. Therefore, never trust such pop-ups while downloading anything from the Internet.

The fourth and final step on how to delete all unread emails in Gmails app is to use an anti-virus program to scan the computer and look for harmful infections. You can start by downloading an anti-virus program from the Internet and installing it in the computer. After installation, you should allow the software to scan the computer for all possible viruses. Once the scan is completed, it will inform you about all the harmful infections that it has found.