How To Fax From Gmail – 3 Major Pros And Cons Of This New Product

how to fax from gmail

How To Fax From Gmail – 3 Major Pros And Cons Of This New Product

How to fax from Gmail has become one of the buzzwords of the tech world? It is because of its many features like document sharing, collaboration and being a free service. In this article, I am going to discuss on how to send a fax from Gmail in the easiest way possible. So, just check out the paragraphs below and learn how to fax from Gmail in no time.

First of all, when you are sending a fax from Gmail, you need to create a cover page, so that the receiver will have a record of your message. You can create a cover page with the help of Google Docs or any other document creation tool. Google Docs also has an extensive range of templates which are suitable for different purposes. These tools are quite prevalent and common that you might be amazed to know about their powerful faxing features also.

These tools and apps allow you to easily add text and images and share them on your fax from Gmail easily. There are many such Google Docs add-ons such as Google Search Add-on, Google Sheets Add-on and many more to choose from. These add-ons can be installed by a simple download and installation process and they are available free of cost. They enhance the productivity of your work and help you send and receive fax in the easiest way.

Besides this, you will also be able to find few handy apps that are capable of helping you in the whole process of sending and receiving fax from Gmail with the help of an internet browser. In this case, you are not required to install and use any other faxing application in your computer. All these functions are already available in your mobile phones or smart tablets which have iOS or Android applications.

However, before using any online fax software from Google it is advisable to check out the Google Docs format and other associated issues from Google. As this is an official Google product, you must be quite sure that it has compatible functions with your MS Outlook mobile application. And this is one major disadvantage of using any non-compatible online fax software; you will end up in getting no results or worst no fax at all.

This has been one important aspect that made some users upset with Google Docs and other online faxing products. But you should keep one thing in mind that even though Google Docs is a great tool for your purpose but it is only meant for some professionals and hence not for the individuals who want to send and receive different kinds of faxes sent from their personal computers. Hence it is advised that you use this service only when you are in need of highly specialized faxes sent through internet or you are in need of sending important documents like legal documents and business proposals and Invoices etc. If you are someone who wants to perform simple and easy tasks by simply clicking on a mouse then you should definitely try out the Google fax system because there are many free trials available if you want to try out the whole process for yourself.