How to Remove Avast Signature From Gmail

How to remove Avast antivirus from Gmail is a frequently asked question by users of this service. This antivirus is one of the best security programs available and it protects your email very well. But still, some people have problems with it. For example, they think that how to remove Avast signature from Gmail without getting the virus. This article will help you in this case.

how to remove avast signature from gmail

The first step to remove Avast signature from Gmail is to make sure that the settings of your Google account are appropriate. Normally, Gmail uses a very reliable tool called “Google.” It will run automatically on your PC when you sign in to any account. However, if you have modified the default settings of your Google account, it will not run as expected. So, you should make sure that these options are suitable for your account before trying any tricks to remove Avast antivirus from Gmail.

The next step is to remove the anti-virus program itself. You can do this by clicking on the “Apps and Plugins” icon in the lower right part of your screen. From there, you will be able to see the list of applications and the ones that are currently installed. Clicking on the “Remove” button of the corresponding app will remove the virus from your account.

The third step is to scan your computer for the remaining traces of avast antivirus. For this, you need to open a new window of Internet Explorer and click “Tools.” Select the “AVAST Tools” icon and click “scan.” When it has finished scanning your computer, you need to close the browser. It might be wise to close all other browsers as well to make sure that the AVAST antivirus program is not deleting any valuable information from your system.

Once you have removed avast antivirus, it is also important that you perform a virus scan with the antispyware product. To do this, click the “Scan” button. A new window will open up and look like the following:

Click “scan.” This will remove any viruses that were detected during the anti virus removal process. On the plus side, you will be able to recover your important data from the Avast antivirus. On the minus side, if you have an important email, it is advisable that you save the entire message or else you will not be able to receive your emails in the future.