How to Reset Gmail Password – Restoring Your Old Email Account

how to reset gmail password

How to Reset Gmail Password – Restoring Your Old Email Account

How to reset Gmail password is one of the most asked questions by almost every person, who uses Google mail account. Actually, you can learn how to change password in Gmail very easily and fast. All you need is to learn how to recognize all the changes or modification made to your account settings by clicking on “Account Settings” or any similar option from the main menu of your Gmail. Here, you will see a list of all the recent changes that have been made to your account. There are two ways by which you can learn how to reset gmail password. The first one would be to manually key the different value at the account settings, while the second one would be to use the easy method of changing password by getting help from Google.

The step by step procedure on how to change my email password in Google would help you easily and quickly change your account settings by just copying and pasting the necessary commands. If you are not comfortable with such procedure, you can take the help of someone else who knows how to do it. You can also look for some videos, which shows how to reset gmail password in Google. Or, you can also search Google for instructions or tips related to changing password of your account. If you are really confused about how to change my email password in Google, you can also get in touch with Google support or your friends who use Google account for their personal or business matters.

If you have found someone who could teach you how to change my email password in Google, you should give him/her full details about your current password. This step cannot be done online. It would be better if you have some physical copies of all the documents that have important information regarding your account. Once you have printed those copies, you should arrange them carefully on a paper or plastic file that can be secured. Now, you should go to the Google login page and log in with your new password.

If you successfully logged in to your Google account, you will see a new page or window. This is where you have to enter your new username and new password. In this new page, you can see the reset link next to the Gmail address field. Click on the reset link in order to successfully reset your account.

However, if you forgot your user name and your password, you can easily reset your account by following these steps. First of all, you have to find your user name by clicking on your profile or account that you used to sign up for Google. After that, you have to type the user name that you have just remembered into the field labeled ‘user name’. It is important for you to type the exact same user name that you entered in your Google account settings. Click the ‘Reset’ button next to the user name so that you can successfully reset the password of your Gmail account.

Moreover, if you are unable to get the Gmail password reset even after following all these steps, you can alternatively use the ‘Get Help’ option present on the main menu. This option will let you know how to reset the password of your email account. However, if you are still unable to get the help, you should not waste any more time and call Google’s customer support to ask for assistance on how to reset Gmail password. Google’s email support will provide you with the required information that will enable you to reset your password and regain control over your email account.